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Happy Birthday tooooo-

Long time no see, everybody. Hey Seraphim, did you have a good birthday? Hopefully it was at least decent. Apologies for the lateness of my well wishes to you, and for not being so easy to get a hold of. But anyway, yes! Happeh happeh birthday, a year of experience and growth has come unto you. Use that potential like only you could.

Tablet trouble

I was about to use my Wacom Graphire 2 tablet to draw something in oC (No, it wasn't pr0n... this time), and then I find out that the pen is going screwy. Like, as soon as it gets close enough to the tablet to recognize that the pen is there, the pen will put maximum pressure down and won't allow me to click on anything. I dunno how to explain it very well, but it sucks.
Several computer restarts, system restores, searches on the net for solutions and a tablet driver update later, and still no luck. So, I mailed Wacom about it and I'll wait and see what useless thing they have to say about it.
I dunno what else to do about this. It's a pretty old tablet, but I've never had any trouble with it till tonight. Hm.


Pic Meme

Swiped from BBA's journal:
Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.
...I don't know how to take pictures (Not photogenic). D= But, oh well!

Also, for the lolz, I'm watching this over and over:


What have I been up to...?

Not too very much. It seems like a blur when I try to remember what I've been doing, or when I try to remember things in general xD, but there's really not a lot of new developments going on.

Main things I tend to do are: work, which is going well, get home and play games, mostly Phantasy Star Universe (Obsessively, but it's fun), World of Warcraft with Sweetlana and her family (And Gira sometimes but not enough, we need to play some more when I can stop being such a busybody scatterbrain and you've got the free time), and watching silly videos on YouTube.
It's a simple routine, but I like it a lot.
I'm still drawing, but it seems like I can never get my piccies done. I blame MMORPGs. Having fun is what matters tho, right? I won't give up on drawing, for sure, it's just taking a backseat to the games for now, which also give me ideas for drawing pictures.

Right now, I'm sitting up, it's 1:30am, and I need to work in about 4 hours, so I should probably go to bed. But today was a nice day off from work, I enjoyed it a lot.
Got to play PSU, draw a little bit with friends, then chatted in MSN with more friends. Sad to let this day go, but I gotta. I feel good tho, oh yah, and Sweetlana and I were talking about meeting each other some time soon. =3

Art: Flapjack mixes with TLoZ

He seeks the Triforce of Candy, methinks.

Personality cocktail quiz

Something I borrowed from pjade's LJ entry from a while back. It looked like fun to try it.

How to make a Elazul\'s core

5 parts friendliness

3 parts ambition

1 part joy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Top it off with a sprinkle of lovability and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

How's it supposed to know what your personality is like based on a username? I have no idea. But quizzes are fun!

Spoiler-Earthbound extra boss

Ronald McGiygas vs. Ness and friends.

Art stuffs

Drew a Gardevoir. =3
Dunno who all still goes to my DA page anymore, so I'll try to post art in LJ as well.

I can't stop listening to this song:
It makes me wanna draw Pokemon and go out and catch Ralts so I can finally have a Gardevoir, someday.

It's the weekend, woo! Time to do fun stuff, yes?

I've been sick...!

I've not been around too much lately because I've been sick. After about 3 weeks of dealing with cold symptoms that would not go away, no matter what treatments I tried to use to get rid of them, I went to a doctor a few days back and the doctor diagnosed me with a lung disease.
So I've been resting a good bit, and taking my prescribed medicines and stuffs, stayed out of work, and I'm starting to feel better now. No need to worry about me. But I've still got to take things easy and rest.

I haven't been doing too much stuff lately. I play SSBM a lot, tho. =D I watched that movie "1408" yesterday. It's supposed to be about a horror story writer who's trapped in a scary, haunted hotel room, but it wasn't scary to me.


Had some Zelda dreams just now.

3 Legend of Zelda dreams, actually. Woohoo! I was only asleep for about 2 or 3 hours.

I fell asleep while playing the Legend of Zelda. The dungeon theme was playing before I had nodded off. I had some dreams about being 2 different kinds of Link and in each dream I was trying to reach some dungeon's bosses, but I was always low on hearts and everywhere I looked for them, like by cutting shrubery with my sword, no hearts would appear.
I had to resort to eating sandwiches and sweets that belonged to other people, without asking for permission. But I was still not strong enough to beat the bosses I kept seeing in the dungeons, all the while I kept hearing that dungeon theme playing through all 3 dreams like that.
It was pretty cool tho, cuz all of it was real life but felt like a Zelda game!